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Tenant Services

By renting a property through BARGATE PROPERTY SERVICES you can rest assured that, as a NALS accredited company, the service standards are properly met and the property will have undergone the necessary preparation and safety checks. Your deposit will be protected with a Government-appointed Tenant Deposit Protection Scheme known as The Dispute Service (TDS) and you will be provided with a detailed inventory of the property and its contents.

Your rights and responsibilities will be clearly explained and you will have an informed and professional response to any queries you may have before or during your tenancy.

When a tenancy is initially agreed we will:

  • request a holding deposit to reserve the property. Once this has been received we will no longer conduct viewings on the property
  • complete a reference check on all proposed adult tenants. Note that all lettings are subject to satisfactory references
At the beginning of your tenancy, we will:
  • require the balance of the costs as detailed below. The deposit is held in a separate Client Account and registered with The Dispute Service
  • provide an inventory check-in report (a schedule of the condition of the property plus a list of its contents)
  • provide you with details of service providers and the Local Authority for you to set up utility accounts
During your tenancy, we will:
  • arrange with you in advance a date and time to periodically check the condition of the property
  • respond to your requests for maintenance or repairs
  • negotiate renewals and prepare tenancy renewal agreements
  • if required, serve you with the correct period of notice as set out in the tenancy agreement
When the tenancy ends, we will:
  • arrange an inventory clerk to check and document the condition of the property
  • return your deposit to you within the legal timescale less any agreed disbursements

Note: If we are not employed by the landlord to manage the property you will be provided with contact details of the landlord.

Tenant Costs

Should you wish to proceed with a tenancy, the following costs are involved. These costs are required from the proposed tenant(s) before occupation and must be paid by internet transfer or banker's order draft. A statement will be issued prior to the commencement of the tenancy.

You will also be asked to complete a standing order for the regular payment of the rent on the rent due date.

Holding deposit

A goodwill deposit is required to reserve the property when you agree to take a tenancy. If you withdraw from the proposed letting the holding deposit will be forfeited. Should the owner withdraw, the whole deposit is returnable.


The deposit is calculated as equivalent to six weeks' rent and is offset by the holding deposit


Rent is normally required monthly in advance.

Admin fee

A fee of 150 (180 incl vat) is required for each proposed tenant on the tenancy agreement. This covers the credit referencing and drawing up of the legal documentation.

Guarantor fee

There will be an additional fee of 45 (54 incl vat) if a guarantor is required.

Check-in fee

This service is provided by an independent inventory company and the fee varies according to the size of property and whether furnished or unfurnished (see table below.) The landlord is responsible for paying a similar fee for the check-out report when the tenancy finishes.

Inventory fees

  1 bed 2 bed 3 bed 4 bed 5 bed 6 bed
Furnished £105
£126 incl vat
£150 incl vat
£174 incl vat
£204 incl vat
£quote £quote
Unfurnished £85
£102 incl vat
£120 incl vat
£150 incl vat
£185 incl vat
£216 incl vat

Renewal fee

A fee of 60 (72 incl vat) is payable by each tenant named on the tenancy agreement each time the tenancy is renewed.

Company Let Admin fee

A fee of 350 (420 incl vat) is required for a company let. This covers the credit referencing and drawing up of the legal documentation.

Company Let Renewal Admin fee

A fee of 120 (144 incl vat) is payable each time the tenancy is renewed.